new art/science affinities

I can die happy now that New Art/Science Affinities got an endorsement from Bruce Sterling in his WIRED blog Beyond the Beyond:

I read this book. It’s pretty good even if they made it in a week. Worth the fifty bucks, easy. – Bruce Sterling

Our first full review is in Post-Luddite Institute (“promoting awareness of our awareness”). And it’s a thoughtful one, too.

NA/SA could and should be a model for how art writing can be thorough, engaging and relevant, while still contemporary to the subjects it discusses… I applaud the creators for this, NA/SA treats itself as an editorial primer, a barometer of a movement in art that has a multitude of sub-groups and communities but is largely disinterested in constructing a larger mythology. – Georges Negri

And Bust Magazine calls it “the ultimate cuddle buddy.”